Knitted elastic tapes

Knitted elastic tapes (elastic bands) are our most developed and widest range of production.

Standard knitted elastic bands are made of polyester yarn and rubber threads and are available in four elasticities: soft (140 – 150%), medium stiffness (120 – 130%), stiff (100 – 110%), extra stiff (80 – 90 %). If necessary, we use heat treatment to stabilize elastic tapes.

We produce elastic tapes with cords inside for sportswear, or elastics with rubber stoppers on the surface to prevent the t-shirt from being pulled from sweatpants or shorts. We also have elastic tapes with buttonholes and oblique elastic tapes in our assortment.

We also offer elastic tapes with elastane (lycra) and polyamide.

The variety of elastic bands we produce can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer. And if you did not find what you need, contact us, we will do our best to produce elastic customized according to your best needs.